Double Helix: Phoenix Rising

Phoenix Rising is an album of nine original jazz compositions by guitarists Tony and Peter Chotem and their jazz quartet Double Helix.

Phoenix Rising is a lush and energizing jazz banquet of masterful musicianship seamlessly fused in a jazz matrix. A thoroughly satisfying album replete with sophisticated taste, clarity, and direction.” —Nick Strathy

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  1. Bluesoph (Peter Chotem, Tony Chotem) – 6:14
  2. Silver Mountain Temple (Peter Chotem) – 4:58
  3. Mermel’s Moment (Tony Chotem) – 6:08
  4. Phoenix (Tony Chotem) – 7:30
  5. Zoloph Spaceman (Tony Chotem) – 7:20
  6. River Song (Peter Chotem) – 2:18
  7. Double Helix (Peter Chotem, Tony Chotem) – 4:04
  8. I Never Sang (Tony Chotem) – 6:25
  9. Sigrid (Tony Chotem, Peter Chotem) – 5:29

®2007 Tony Chotem, Peter Chotem, All rights reserved SOCAN.


Tony Chotem: electric, classical, acoustic and synth guitars and mandolin
Peter Chotem: acoustic, electric and synth guitars
Alexander McKechnie: drums
Raphael Geronimo: percussion
Jeremy Holmes: electric and acoustic bass
Jon Kurilenko: electric bass

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